Alex Salmond comments on the SNP Leadership campaign

In an interview with Talk TV Alex Salmond, the leader of the ALBA Party, gives his frank views on the SNP leadership campaign and candidates.

In his characteristically pawky style Alex gets his points across –

  • An unhealthy culture has been allowed to develop in the SNP leadership.
  • One of the difficulties was the refusal of the leadership to listen to expert advice.
  • Going to the Supreme Court was a supreme error of judgement.
  • All three candidates are now starting to show their mettle as worthy candidates for First Minister.
  • Alex’s advice to the new leader of the SNP would be to employ auditors to establish their starting point as leader, and separate themselves from the opaque situation left by Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.
  • The cause of Scottish Independence is far from failing despite the bùrach of Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership of the SNP.
  • The Independence movement is by far the strongest in Scottish Politics.
  • If you look over the medium term Independence is growing, probably irresistibly, as a result of the generational change which is flowing through our nation.

The measured and statesman-like stance of Alex Salmond, in the week of the third anniversary of his acquittal on all charges brought by Nicola Sturgeon’s regime, contrasts strikingly with the confused and at times shrill positions taken by Nicola Sturgeon and her leadership team.

Alba will be very proud to take part in any Constitutional Convention
called by the new leader of the SNP.