Alex Salmond with Charlie Abel

In a relaxed speech Alex Salmond reveals the depth of his thinking on
Scottish Independence

Alex Salmond only appears relaxed. As he says in his speech, you have to work for Scottish Independence every single day. And because he’s done that, he has the facts, the arguments, the case, all at his fingertips.

Alex Salmond starts off with an anecdote about Charlie.

Alex likes Charlie’s campaigning style: Charlie talks real politics to real people.

Alex meets a lady from Bucksburn wearing her good coat against the cold.

You’ve got to pick your battles with Westminster.

Westminster has frittered away Scotland’s resources, but Scotland has a second chance.

What do you do if you’re generating 5 times more electricity than you need?

Gender matters – but it’s not the main point to battle Westminster on.

What to do with a mandate: Alex Salmond only needed one, and he knew what to do. Things have changed since 2014 – Brexit for one!

Why we can’t wait for a referendum – and why a Westminster election is the wrong one to choose for a de-facto referendum.

There is no excuse for waiting – the Scottish Parliament has the power already.

Bring it on!

Two things you need to campaign on.

Wee Alba Book Dyce 9th Feb

The Wee Alba Book – 120 thousand copies out already, more being printed. All the facts are there.

An example from the Wee Blue Book – and an audience question interrupts…

National politics is nothing without local politics: and Charlie Abel is an excellent candidate.

If you missed you chance to grab a Wee Alba Book, you can view it here.