Charlie has a new member of his campaign team!

Finley has offered his four paws and a cheeky bark to bolster Charlie’s campaign!

Alba’s Aberdeen campaigners have been on the campaign trail for weeks talking to voters and listening to what they think of politics today.

Finley has come over the sea – from Skye!

More than once Charlie’s heard the comment “Yer ‘a the jist the same – there’s nae point in votin’ fer ye”…

Well, there is.

Charlie Abel Talks Straight

If you don’t vote, you’re basically saying “aye your fine, on you go” to the very politicians you don’t like.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Time for a change.

Voters are taken aback when Charlie stops, engages, listens and agrees that he’s sick of the constant promises and inaction.

Charlie Abel and Finley ask you to go out and vote tomorrow.
Polling stations open at 7:00, close at 10:00.

Vote Charlie Abel Number One for Alba
in Dyce, Bucksburn and Danestone .