How the NE is being shortchanged

At BP in Dyce.

Charlie and Alex discussing Scotland’s energy. Already an issue we are hearing about on the doors – how Westminster and now Holyrood are getting it wrong and short changing the North East.

Charlie and Alex at Dyce

Just think of the huge opportunities, and missed opportunities, the BP Headquarters represents.

The company represents excellence in technical expertise and has extracted billions of pounds worth of oil from the North Sea. Yet Scotland has seen the merest fraction of that wealth: compared to Norway with it’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Scotland has only had a pittance.

Westminster scuppered the project.

The opportunity to invest in the future has been squandered though. Carbon Capture could have ensured a future for the oil industry, but like many promises from the past the government and companies have not delivered.

Now the SNP Government have set their faces against further development. They’re daft, because all that will happen is oil extracted elsewhere in the world will be transported here instead of being produced here. We still need the energy.

What should be happening is the development of the technology BP were working on in 2007, the Miller Project, which would have given Scotland a lead in production of Hydrogen, a source of energy which is now being urgently developed across the world to replace fossil fuels. Westminster scuppered the project.

Now the Scottish Government are turning their backs on the jobs and wealth just waiting on their doorstep.

That’s an issue Charlie is hearing on the doorstep, and it’s one he means to do something about.

Meanwhile, people in Scotland are shivering in their homes because they can’t afford the energy we could be producing here in Scotland. Daft.

Westminster doesn’t understand Scotland’s position, our unique potential as a nation.

That’s why we need Scottish Independence.

That’s why you need to vote for Charlie Abel, Number One!