Food inflation is highest on record

A survey by Kantar shows that inflation on food has reached the highest it has on record, 17.1%. On an annual food bill of about £90 per week, that translates into an extra £16 per week. Once again it is the poorest in society who are suffering the most. According to the Office for National… Continue reading Food inflation is highest on record

Energy Rich Scotland – Fuel Poor Scots

The loss of a state asset and the loss of jobs   Main article first published on Offshore wind should see Scotland benefit from its natural resource and it’s people have access to affordable fuel. Moreover, it should provide for Scottish businesses to benefit from its location and create jobs for Scottish workers.  This is… Continue reading Energy Rich Scotland – Fuel Poor Scots

Scotland should control its own Renewable Energy

Kenny MacAskill The ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has revealed the full extent of the foreign ownership of Scotland’s renewable energy assets by state owned energy companies with countries including China, the United Arab Emirates, France, Sweden, Norway and  Ireland all profiting from Scotland’s massive energy resources in the Offshore wind sector.  Local councils through the planning process have their… Continue reading Scotland should control its own Renewable Energy

Alex Salmond with Charlie Abel

In a relaxed speech Alex Salmond reveals the depth of his thinking on Scottish Independence Alex Salmond only appears relaxed. As he says in his speech, you have to work for Scottish Independence every single day. And because he’s done that, he has the facts, the arguments, the case, all at his fingertips. Alex Salmond… Continue reading Alex Salmond with Charlie Abel

Wee Alba Book goes Bigtime!

Tonight’s Wee Alba Book event was a big success! A keen audience of voters for the Dyce, Bucksburn and Thanestone by-election were inspired by speeches from Alex Salmond and Charlie Abel, covering issues from the local to the national, including the future for Aberdeen and the oil industry. More details to follow.

How the NE is being shortchanged

At BP in Dyce. Charlie and Alex discussing Scotland’s energy. Already an issue we are hearing about on the doors – how Westminster and now Holyrood are getting it wrong and short changing the North East. Just think of the huge opportunities, and missed opportunities, the BP Headquarters represents. The company represents excellence in technical… Continue reading How the NE is being shortchanged

Charlie and Alex at Bucksburn

Traffic is the issue as Charlie shows Alex the difficulties caused by having such a busy road separating people from the amenities they need. Simple, cost-effective road safety measures can improve the life of a community and contribute to the economic growth of an area. Being brutally honest, since the overall cost of a fatal… Continue reading Charlie and Alex at Bucksburn

Saturday 28th

Campaign team on Saturday

Out campaigning with a great team! Hitting the doorsteps and listening to local views, a great day to be out and about. What we’re hearing from voters is something the SNP should be worried about: there is real concern about ‘Isla Bryson’, the double rapist who was sent to the Cornton Vale woman’s prison in… Continue reading Saturday 28th