Alex Salmond Statement on Nicola Sturgeon’s Resignation

Commenting on Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation former First Minister Alex Salmond said: “There has been no question of Nicola’s talents as a first rate political communicator and election winner and having been there I feel for her personally on the day of her resignation. There are two questions for the future. One is that the movement… Continue reading Alex Salmond Statement on Nicola Sturgeon’s Resignation

Nicola Sturgeon has resigned.

Unsurprisingly she has not done so in the most effective way she could have – to provoke a Scottish Election as a plebiscite on Independence. Her reasons, she claims, are personal. No acknowledgement of her failures. She’s going for other reasons. The list is endless and shaming. Not a mention in her speech of the… Continue reading Nicola Sturgeon has resigned.

Alex Salmond on the GRR Bill

Hear Alex Salmond’s speech deploring that 30 years of building towards a majority for Scottish Independence has been tossed aside for some imported ideology. Imagine telling a majority of your population that their right to single-sex spaces, striven for and sacrificed for over decades and centuries, is to be lost for some imperfectly understood self-indulgent… Continue reading Alex Salmond on the GRR Bill